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Mikutowski Wooden Boxes

$39.00 USD

Possibility Box

Create the perfect gift for any occasion with our most popular small, custom wood box, the Possibility Box! Make your gift special by choosing the wood species for the box. Then add an engraving to make it truly unique. There are endless “possibilities” with this solid wood box. The Possibility Box is the perfect small accent piece for any room. Used to store small jewelry items, desk items, keepsakes and more

Treasure Box

 A variety of colorful hardwood lid accents in an array of wood types and patterns provide spice and contrast for the discerning eye in this darling lined, wooden Treasure Box. These contrasting wood species echo the diversity found in nature, yet result in each wood box being a unique, one-of-a kind piece in which to place treasures. 

This box is a wonderfully unique gift for everyone! People have used these boxes to store various small items such as jewelry, pocket knives, business cards and more. 

Make your box truly special by adding a laser engraving to the  outside or inside of the lid, or maybe even both!

Small Valet Box

Not just another valet box, but a handcrafted, wooden valet box! The elegant and affordable Small Valet Box features sweetly rounded sides that accentuate the lovely grain of each wood species. While the hand-cut hardwood Wenge splines in the corners add beauty and strength. The interior of the lid is lined and the space within the box features a handmade ring roll and dividers, all of which are removable.

The Small Valet Box can be used in a variety of settings, as these boxes have been used by both men and women. It can be used as a jewelry box, letter box, storage for collections and more